My First Adventure From Saturday

so Saturday i was bored and tired and kind of cranky. (yeah, i know, cranky.) it was way too nice to stay inside so i decided to take a little adventure drive. i figure the foliage this year is kind of silly....(although today it's looking much better, but then i realized that maybe it was just because i was wearing aviators that are tinted brown)...where was i going with this anyhow??

anywho...this week i'll let you in on my little escapade. it was actually really fun! and at the end of it, i was smiling again..so i hope you enjoy them :)

stop one...the old covered bridge..
riding over a covered bridge gives me the same feeling as a cobblestone street.
and, (i know, i'm going a little crazy with THREE pictures today...) my favorite that's tied with the other two..
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have an awesome day!