The Miniature Eiffel Tower

Before I went to Paris, my brother Jack went to Paris. And before Jack went to Paris, my brother Bill gave me a tiny Eiffel tower key chain that someone from Paris had given him. Boy, did I love that little thing. I kept it on my keys until one day I accidentally dropped them at work, and KA-BANG! the thing broke apart (it was a sad day).

So, long story short, when Jack went to Paris, I asked him to bring me back another little Eiffel for my keys. And, the awesome brother he is, he did :) despite the fact that he ended up sick the whole time he was there and came back with a horrible case of pneumonia and spent a lot of time in the hospital at his return home. Maybe another time I'll tell you that story. But for today, I will leave you with a little picture of my little tower.