on art

I did this picture last winter. one of my better ones :)
I love art. My dad's side of the family is very artistic. He himself went to art college, and growing up, a lot of the memories I have of my father are of him in his "zone", painting away. Of course it was always some masterpiece that I could never achieve with my apprentice fingers, slowly marveling at the way the paint daubs looked on a freshly dipped brush. I've tried my hand (no pun, if any, intended) at painting, and charcoals, and oil pastels, all the mediums. I've even tried pottery! (If you ever meet my dad, you should have him show you the amazing mold he made in college.) I guess some of the things I've done haven't been half-bad, and painting has always been an awesome stress-reliever. After my black cat died two summers ago, I was so upset for a few days I just cried, and after that, I painted this huge monstrosity in blue and yellow of a sax player. I like it, but it's not the best artisan quality. So that's why I entertain myself, surrounding myself with hundreds of photographs. This is my art. I hope you like it :)