This Morning..

Write something witty. Write something witty. Write something witty. Sorry, folks, that's probably not going to happen today. Last night I was so excited that I found these pictures I took two months ago that I started to think about what I was going to write for a commentary blog post with them. I actually was doing pretty good in my head. But then again, most things sound much better in this girl's head. When I actually say them....that's another story. I never quite had that gift that Thumper's mom in Bambi (yeah, I know, quoting Bambi, now you know where this blog post is going today) told him to have. I mean, sometimes it happens.....I guess...

ANYHOW. Enough boring you for today. I thought I would try something new next week possibly towards the end, so stay tuned. But then again, it might not turn out, as most plans of mine usually go awry. 

This picture is a lake near me, whose waters are usually so calm the reflections of everything shows up in the slight ripples. 

Isn't that neat for a snowy morning in January? It was actually pretty cold the day I took these....which didn't, apparently, stop me from testing out the waters.

Okay, okay, so you don't believe me that I went in the icy water?? Well, here's proof. Yeah, I was in a skirt. The rest of the afternoon was quite chilly. And damp. Hahah.