and the funny part is...

i don't really like pictures of flowers. okay, they are beautiful, and the amazing creative design intricately weaved into the tiniest of them is really amazing, and, to boot, they smell amazing (well most of them do. i bought some really pretty flowers for someone last week and they did NOT smell very appealing. they smelt a bit like...well, let's not get into that).

but, accepting the fact that I am not the biggest fan of photographed flowers, i still feel compelled to get down on my knees and shoot them through my viewfinder. 

this happened today. i know i don't post more than once a day (usually, but stranger things have happened), but today, i'm breaking the rules and posting twice. hey, i gotta make it to 5,000 views somehow!

hopefully you all had a good day, i know i have the biggest smile on my face this evening. :)