I've always loved pictures, especially the 1950's vintage era everyone seems to love now. I swear I liked them before they were cool, just like I liked herbal tea before it was cool to like herbal tea. Hey, maybe I'm a trendsetter....well.....I highly doubt that, but I just had to say it, for laughs. Anyways, when I'm bored and looking for a change, I pull out the Rebel and snap a few pictures of myself. I posted a few weeks ago about mirror images, and I have to admit, I am a little addicted to them, just like I'm addicted to the song "Sleepy Tigers," by Her Space Holiday, and a bunch of other foot-tappers and in-the-car concerts, that I replay over and over again (it's a good thing I'm by myself in the car when these singing bants occur. Because I think I would drive everyone but myself crazy).

Anyway. Enjoy today's picture. It's a family picture today.