day 27: sparkly and pretty

Sunday was the day i almost lost to the challenge. that's right, it was the day (gasp!) that i almost forgot to take a picture. i'm sure there would've been a natural disaster had i forgotten.

Sunday was amazing because i got to take a super long nap after service. i just love Sunday afternoon naps. they make me happy. just thinking about Sunday afternoon naps makes me relaxed.

then we had breakfast for dinner. if you don't want to hear about food, i suggest that you stop reading this blog. because food is....just...amazing. if you've ever had a conversation with this girl, you'll probably have heard me gush at some point or another about my love affair with food. and looking at me, you can tell. i'm no stick figure you draw in draw something. i'm more of the little blop my nephew drew me as on Sunday.

anyhow, breakfast for dinner! mm mm mm. let me just start with, there was bacon there. yum! but even better, home made buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and home made whipped cream. oh, yeah. the stuff in the can is good, but can't even compare.

so the picture. yeah. almost forgot to snap it. but here it is, haphazard as ever. this is one of my favorite (another thing about me, i don't do one favorite. it has to be a collage) accessories. to boot, i paid under 5 bucks for it. i just love bargains.