just a side post..

two things..

1) remember when i was all stressed out about the photo challenge when i'm away for a few weeks when i first started the photo challenge? you probably don't. but i do. which is why i am excited to just let you know, the show WILL indeed go on. because i found this amazing little idea floating around in my brain. i won't be able to update the blog, sure, since i'll be across the big blue wet thing (per fozzy bear in muppet treasure island). but i will be able to journal my blogs in a little diary i found the other day. then, when i get back, all i'll have to do is type out that day's entry! that way you all can stay up to date with my adventure!

2) i took this picture the other day, shared it on the blog, then re-edited it, and actually liked it better! so here it is,...