no, officer, i haven't been drinking

that's what i thought when i was snapping these shots tonight.

i don't know if i've ever told you about my bottlecap collection. probably have, and you are at your screen shaking your head, thinking/saying, "there she goes again, talking and raving fantastically about her amazing collections and how she is high on life." okay, so maybe you're not using those exact words, but, hey, it's my blog and i can imagine you're saying whatever amuses me. so there. now, i will rave about my amazing bottle cap collection.

okay, so maybe it's not amazing, but i keep them all in an old milk jug so i happen to think it's pretty cool. whenever i come across a neat bottle cap or try something new, i'll save the cap like a raving lunatic and drop it in the bottle when i get home, admiring the perfect "plunk" sound it makes when it nestles into the glass enclosure. just ask my brother, when we went to europe this summer, how i got all his bottle caps.

i like them. that's all i can say. they have this cool vintage retro thing to them. plus they make me remember good times with friends. and isn't that what makes you laugh in the end?

so, i bring you, my mediocre collection.