the return of creepy grow a boyfriend

  so lately i've been seeing all sorts of cool photo projects that people have been doing, where they take miniature figures and pose them in different places. my favorite ones are by Christopher Boffoli. i'm sorry if i spelled that wrong. i tried! his pictures are guaranteed to make me laugh, or at least, smile.

  although this is definitely not going to be on any "scale" as good (pun intended, not at first, but then i just couldn't resist putting it in).

  i am reintroducing the return of the creepy grow a boyfriend for my own miniature project (let's see how long this one works).

  and i am going to need your readers help in two areas!

  1. grow a boyfriend needs a proper name. he cannot just continue in existence as "grow a boyfriend", especially if he is to have an entire photo project geared toward him
  2. i'm going to need some ideas on where to take grow a boyfriend's pictures! i have a few, but if i want to turn this into something at least blog-worthy, i'm going to need more than just the ramblings that bumble around in my head.

  so that's that. what i ask of you guys. wherever you may be out there. and if anyone actually reads this blog besides the 'bots that probe the internet trying to virus-ize my computer.

  one last thing before i leave you today: the caption for this picture. you know all of those Ryan Gosling pictures fumbling around on the internet out there (don't even ask, who's Ryan Gosling?)? well, the caption for this picture should be, "babe, you don't need any makeup today. you look just fine." or something along those lame lines :)

  oh, one last (this time it's really the last) thing:

if you want to see the original "boyfriend" post: http://sevencsphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/day-57-project.html