help me rhonda

i only named the post this because that's what the beach boys are crooning away right now. that's right, i listen to the beach boys every now and then. when i was thirteen or fourteen, they were my absolute favorite band. oh yeah. and my brother and i had this ongoing argument about whether it was "help me rhonda" or, "help me wanda". I was on the "R" side, because, hello, on the album it said it, but my brother always refused to believe it, enunciating the "W" every time it played from my stereo speakers. oh, the things one song can help you remember. but yes, I am a big oldies fan. i didn't start listening to pop until i was around fourteen. enough of this rambling. i was taking a break from a side job i'm doing right now to stretch my brain and fingers by typing away a blog post and editing a photo, all while revelling in the sheer fact that it's past six and the sun is still bright and cheery outside my winter. seems everyone's forgotten that just a few weeks ago, the ground was covered in white ice stuff and when you breathed in deep, it was as if you were breathing in a tiny bit of Jack Frost.

So here's today's picture, after all of that nonsense!