Comes in Handy {2}

I have a good pic of my grampy but I wanted to wait to post it. So I decided to bore you all with my hands. Originally, I thought I would use this one:
But, even though I liked it, and, have you ever tried to get a good shot of your own hand using manual focus? I can attest that it is definitely not the easiest subject I have photographed. But, as I said, there was a but. I remembered the fan on my facebook page suggested, "different ages, professions, etc." So even though I mainly use my hands to type away at a keyboard or click a mouse or write with a pen at my profession, I decided to take a photograph of my hands in action, not at my profession, but, at {you guessed it} my hobby.

I had to use a mirror for this one, but I do pretty much love the results, even though it is by far not the best of my photographs.