Favorite Instagrams from November

   Okay, I'll admit it. This month I have not taken any "great" Instagrams. But I will say that in October I did. Too bad I'm only showing you Novembers in this blog post (I bet you wish you were following me on Instagram, now, don't you? Too bad my account is private, muahahahahah). I will also admit that I get really excited when I email myself, because then I know that it's not just another junk email from some big box store telling me I'm going to love the new coupon (let me tell you, big box store, if you're reading this, and I can guarantee you that you probably aren't, so, empty rant, I hardly ever love your coupon. Just sayin'). Anyways, here are my top three from this month.

3. Tell me I'm not the only Doctor Who fan. My friend and I (I coached her into doing it) did the tally marks on our faces and hands for the special. However, readers, if you ever decide to do this, please make sure that it comes off easier than mine did. I must have spent a half hour scrubbing that stuff off. Maybe I should just break down and buy some makeup remover. Can you tell I grew up with boys? 

2. Okay, so I'm a big Honda nerd, too. I would marry my Civic if it weren't a car. Okay, that came out wrong. You know (I hope) what I mean. One day I tweeted about my civic. The next day, Honda tweeted this. Awwww.....

1. And my number one pick for this month is...insert long annoying drumroll here...frost on the windshield. Even though we'll be seeing frosty windows here for the next eight months. :) 

OH, before I leave you readers cliff-hanging for next post, I wanted to tell you all how excited I am that Instagram is finally(!) on Windows phone! Yay! No more third-party apps!