This Autumn..

   Okay, I'm going to be brutally honest here. I stink. Not as in the "I haven't taken a shower today" sense, but in the sense of "I haven't posted anything here since the beginning of September and really that is just way too long." So, I'm going to have to say, I'm sorry. I've been saying sorry a lot lately, at least that's what I feel like. But enough remorse and diddle daddle. (Which coincidentally, diddle is a word, but daddle isn't? Excuse me, spellcheck. It's in my dictionary.)

   Anywho. To the pictures. Maybe the reason I haven't posted on here is because I haven't taken the Rebel out very often. Which is a big no-no. I'll have to add "apologize to my camera and look like a crazy person" to my to-do list. Do you ever add things to lists just to cross them off? I do. All the time. Makes me feel accomplished. At least in a small mental way.

   Oh, exciting news! I've started a typography class. It's just really small and probably won't amount to much, but have I ever told you how much I just love typography? Maybe it's because it ends in -ography just like photography. But then again, I'm not into oceanography and that also ends in -ography. My eyes feel like they are at a delicious buffet of words when I look at a picture of words. Maybe I love it because I think typography is beautiful to look at, just like a wonderfully captured photograph.

   I thought today I would share with you (besides nonsensical ramblings) yet another flower picture. I was intrigued with this flower, it looks so different than other flowers I've seen. I also absolutely adore the color. What do you think?