soccer balls

so about four months ago i got into a car accident. yeah, i got to experience the whole "i hope nobody i know drives by" feelings as i was strapped onto one of those boards and loaded into the ambulance. anyhow, it's been almost four months and still my friends, who call me the "soccer queen" have banned me from playing for the summer, even though soccer rushes through my bloodstream when i think about the smell of the dirt and grass, the sound of my foot hitting the ball, and the sheer jubilance that comes with that "perfect goal". yeah, I'll miss it this summer more than anything, but watch out world, next year, you're going to be amazed.

oh, ps..if you're wondering what the wild ride the ball experienced, that was when it was launched out of my altima's trunk when the truck hit me...into a field. thankfully the EMT's saw it and rescued it. and yeah, i do carry it in my trunk :)

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