Wandering the Country Like a Nomad

okay. so i'm probably like the farthest thing from a nomad, but i figured it made a pretty catchy title, considering the fact that i just went on the biggest trip of my life.

well. let me rephrase that.

my europe trips were pretty ginormous in the journey journal. but both of those trips i took with others, namely, my older brothers, and so, basically, i could follow them around the airports like a lost little puppy.

this trip was 3000 miles from start to finish. and i did it all alone.

probably it isn't the best thing to admit that i'm a twenty-something girl who just went across the country on my own. but, hey, i'm back, safe and sound.

so i thought over the next few blogs i would share some of my adventure with you!

so on my trip i visited northern arizona and southern utah. i took about a thousand odd pictures both on my iPhone and on my Canon Rebel, because, you know, when a tourist, take full advantage of being that tourist. so, needless to say, i will be editing my photographs from this trip for the next decade, or next adventure.