so how is everyone's fall going?

here are a few shots of mine:


the anatomy of a breakfast burrito

yay! i got the spelling of burrito right on the first try! you're probably shaking your head at this point in the post. first, you are thinking, wow, you take a hiatus on your blog and the first post back is about the parts of a breakfast burrito? and now, you're all up on yourself for spelling meandering words right on the first try.

well, that's how i roll. while cooking this noontime, i thought it would be fun to categorize the different parts of the meal. which turns out, is rather hard. in addition to going back and forth from the refrigerator to the stove to the microwave (yes, cooking with this girl absolutely involves using those microwaves) to the fridge to the microwave without anything burning, stirring here, grabbing an ingredient there, and snapping photos. let's just say i'm a girl of many talents.

so i don't cook too often. and i'm not a very good one. well, on the dishes that i've practiced i suppose i am. i have homemade alfredo sauce down to a pat. and i don't even follow a recipe. i just go by what feels right. tasting along the way. always using a clean spoon, mind you. you are probably turning your computer off right now, shaking your head at my lack of, er, cookingness. yes. a made up word. but that's okay. made up words are fine on this bloggity blog.

so the anatomy of a breakfast burrito.

here goes: