At the beginning of July I went to Boston for the day. I love Boston so much. It reminds me of Portland's older sibling. I love Portland more, of course, but still. There's so much to see in Boston that it just makes me happy thinking of the place! I especially love the architecture. My lens could get lost in the many bricks upon bricks stacked to urban perfection. It amazes me how people can come up with these buildings. I know I couldn't! That's why I'm sticking to capturing them in photographs.

So here's the first of many from my daytrip. Hope you like it!


I'm on a blogging rampage. Seriously. It helps that I practically have a library of photographs since my sabbatical of posting on here. I hope that my posting doesn't annoy you, but, chances are, if you've been around since the start of this little blog project of mine, you've probably (hopefully! Ahh! I really hope!) decided my posts have come a LONG way. At least I think that the photographic content has. Maybe the written content hasn't. <-----as can be shown by my frequent sentence fragments.

Today's post I'm focusing (har-har...sorry. That was a pun) on water droplets. These are something that I never get tired of capturing. What's your favorite thing to take photos of?