The Backyard Adventurer

   Most people say that a foggy, wet, gloomy day is quite disgusting. I may have thought so myself as well when I woke up this morning. But if you just take a minute, you may notice some things that can be quite beautiful in the stillness of the afternoon.


the key

someone once said when i was wearing this necklace that it was the key to my heart. well, i don't know about that, but whatever one wants to say, they will say it. everyone has something they hold close to them, whether there is a key that unlocks that secret, or not, i guess that time will just have to tell.


hey kids..

Watch out where you put your snowman.

Like the picture shows, Batman just can't resist a nice roundhouse kick to a nice icy snow face.

Where was Batman when the Doctor needed him??


sick days

blech. i feel gross today. which is probably why i am updating my seldom-updated blog. but after so much time around the house not feeling great, one goes a bit nuttier than they already are. so, what happens are not-so-candid shots like this one.

when i'm sick i like to drink tea and watch either movies (that are cheesy, of course) or tv shows and play words with friends in my jammies. i also like to read, but i just finished a book and so my brain's a bit laggy. which is not a word but i just made it into one.

oh, and yes. i still own a teddy bear. strange, i know. but try very hard not to be jealous. not everyone can be as cool as this girl (wink wink. *sarcastic cough*).

have a great day! and don't catch anything!