day 42: java

i was so bored at work yesterday that i made this little sign. and then i fell a little in love with it for some reason. don't ask me why. maybe because i love coffee and caffeine and coffee breaks and the sheer yumminess of it all. maybe because i was longing for another yesterday.

day 41: iris

have you ever sat cross-legged on the ground and just looked at the amazingness of an iris? truly amazing. the intricate colors and details, the supreme design. just so beautiful i want to cry. anywho.

day 40: seniors!

well, technically only one senior. that's right, i did my very first senior portrait session (unless, of course, you count my own senior pictures. hello, fake tripod made of three books and an old tissue box)! cody was awesome! he was up for anything, and he even laughed at my cheesy jokes! gotta' love it.


day 39: lollys

i love lollypops! and friday, i bought a camera. yes. i officially have an addiction. but at least i got an awesome deal!

day 38: how i know

did you know that everlasting gobstoppers aren't really everlasting?? because if they really were, i'd still be sucking the one i popped in my mouth when i was seven. joke for the day.

day 37: glass and coins

gah! i have a lot of posts to catch up on. well, i guess that's what happens when you're busy having a life. you take the pictures but you don't have time to post them. well, i'll do a couple posts before i head off to work.


day 36: puddle

i went for a walk today, and walked between two puddles. i looked down, but felt as if i were looking up. i felt a tinge of dizziness and pulled out the atrix, since the rebel doesn't usually accompany me on these kinds of walks. although it really should, since i almost always end up noticing some little thing and snapping a picture. a snapshot. that's what this is. the puddle was quite brown, and not as pretty in a picture as in realtime.

day 35: something i found amusing

a play date at the mall. i was walking by this yesterday and found it so amusing i had to snap a pic and share it with the class.

day 34: something sad

i took a walk through a graveyard on Sunday. It was so nice, and i find graveyards kind of peaceful, in a way, and historical. makes you really step back and look at what's important in your own life.

anyways, i saw this marker, and it really made me sad. i can't even imagine what their parents and family and the community was feeling when this happened. i mourned a little for the century-plus old deaths.

day 33: something scary!

saturday was so slow at work, i drew red eyes on this pen topper, who someone had taken the eyes out of, and attached the speech bubble. quite alarming, if you ask me. but silly. this is what happens when i have nothing to do :(

day 32: matchmaker, matchmaker

i'm not a matchmaker. i just thought the title would be a fun play on words. my mom has this ceramic bread pan filled with old matchbooks that we use, because we are big fans of candles and woodstoves. so i thought it would be a fun project to shutter out a few shots of the little guys. so, here you go:

day 31: the eiffel

thursday was a busy day! I got my bookcase all organized (if you know me, then you know i'm a big book freak...er...fan. positive thinking!) six shelves of delicious works of literature, most of which i have read. and, on the very top, this amazing structure!


day 30: batman!

For the record, Iron Man has never had anything on Batman for me.

I've been imagining this shot for a few days now. Thanks to the comic book "bling" Picasa has out right now, this shot finally came through (I also imagined Batman behind glass, the fist just starting to shatter the glass. But alas, there is no edit for that dream of mine).


day 29: build me up, buttercup

today is so nice and sunny! there aren't too too many flowers blooming yet in my mother's garden (hopefully my recent weeding episode didn't kill them all...http://sevencsphotography.blogspot.com/2012/04/day-10-power.html) but here is one of her luxurious buttercup flowers.

day 28: mondays

blech. mondays. i think just about everyone hates them. they are so-so for me. yesterday, fortunately, i didn't have to work, but i was having a case of the monday blues nonetheless. apparently my cat was, too. this picture makes me laugh.

day 27: sparkly and pretty

Sunday was the day i almost lost to the challenge. that's right, it was the day (gasp!) that i almost forgot to take a picture. i'm sure there would've been a natural disaster had i forgotten.

Sunday was amazing because i got to take a super long nap after service. i just love Sunday afternoon naps. they make me happy. just thinking about Sunday afternoon naps makes me relaxed.

then we had breakfast for dinner. if you don't want to hear about food, i suggest that you stop reading this blog. because food is....just...amazing. if you've ever had a conversation with this girl, you'll probably have heard me gush at some point or another about my love affair with food. and looking at me, you can tell. i'm no stick figure you draw in draw something. i'm more of the little blop my nephew drew me as on Sunday.

anyhow, breakfast for dinner! mm mm mm. let me just start with, there was bacon there. yum! but even better, home made buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and home made whipped cream. oh, yeah. the stuff in the can is good, but can't even compare.

so the picture. yeah. almost forgot to snap it. but here it is, haphazard as ever. this is one of my favorite (another thing about me, i don't do one favorite. it has to be a collage) accessories. to boot, i paid under 5 bucks for it. i just love bargains.

day 26: geese!

aww, aren't they cute? i tried instagram for this one. i'm not a huge fan of instagram because they make you crop your pictures, but at the same time, i like square pictures. talk about an oxymoron. i do, however, like the editing "bling" you can add to your pictures.

so here's my instagram picture.

day 25: delicious treats and an adventure down stairs

sorry i haven't posted. i have taken pictures each day, however, so today i am left with no other choice but to write five blog posts. *sigh*. OK. well, here goes...

Friday i went to visit my brother, Seapoint Internet Marketing's own Bill. or, as i know him, my ugly brother bill (this isn't actually true, it's just an old childhood saying, that i do believe he came up with)

as always, i chose Friday because Friday is the day you can get out of this world eclairs from the Beach Pea. If you've never been there, go. but go on a Friday or Saturday because those are the only days of the week that i believe you can purchase these heavenly creations. let me tell you, the pastry puff seems to be made from a cloud they are so puffy and delicious, and the inside is filled with a cream i could die eating, and makes my mouth water just thinking and typing this out. i have to be careful not to slobber on the computer's keyboard over here. and then, to top it off, they cover the top with a cap of chocolate and drizzle white chocolate on top! gasp! gasp! gasp!

anyways. this is the pastry case there. it's this girl's dream come true.

by the way, if you've never tried organic white pomegranite tea. you should.


day 24: tea

i think i'm going to have to devote more than one day to tea, i love it so much. the aroma, the tingly, bitter taste it leaves on your tongue, drying it out, and the warmth it fills me with as it travels down my throat and warms my hands with it's dry heat. Every cup I drink seems to be a time travelling cup. If I'm drinking regular black tea, I'm transported back to laying on the couch with a fever and a sore throat, still in my jammies, at six years old, when Mom made me tea to sooth the sickness. When I steep Earl Gray, I remember my brothers and I opening that iconic yellow tin and oh, how special it was when we got a cup of the bagless, loose-leaf tea.

No matter how many times you've burned me, tea, I still love you. Which is why I'm posting more than one photo of the day today. Also, today is a special day because this post celebrates the one year mark of sharing my photo obsession with you readers. A lot has happened this past year. i think i've grown a lot, not only as a photographer, but as a person, i think. well, i'll let you judge for yourself. i know what i am inside, and i'm finally becoming more comfortable with that.

thank you for all the views, but we didn't quite make it to 5k by today :( the count stands at 4594. when we make it to 5k, though, you better believe i'm bragging about it on the blog! because it will be amazing!


day 23: my desk (part one)

oh, dear, i almost forgot to take a picture today! that. would. not. have. been good.

but, haha, you still have to suffer through my mediocre photo a day challenge, until the day i actually do forget to take a picture.

i'm saying part one for today's post just because i have two desks; my computer desk, the desk i finished my high school and middle school papers on, and the desk i do most of my etsy crafts and shove papers into the many drawers of (it's a secretary desk).

what i learned from this shot:

i don't always like the color pop, surprisingly. i tried editing this one so that the only color was, you guessed it, the vibrant red of the coke bottle. then, i decided i liked the funky colored one instead. i adjusted the exposure a tad from the original overexposed pic and wound up with this:

i also guess i need to dust that filthy screen more often :(

day 22: what i'm reading

i'm so glad autoplay is working on my computer again. it took a vacation for like a year. then two weeks ago it got back from its sabbatical. that has nothing to do with this day's post.

so, the post. well, this is the post. about the picture.

fact: i usually read about five books at a time.

fact: i actually stayed up til the wee hours of day 23 finishing the top book! it was good. i like the author's writing style.

what i learned from taking this shot: i really need to read more, and, i really really need to vacuum my floor. haha.


day 21: blossoms

so i've been telling myself all spring that i've wanted to lay under a cherry tree full of blossoms and take a picture from the trunk up. well, i tried it today (although i didn't lay on the ground because, a, i was in a skirt, and, b, it was in a parking lot) and the shot really didn't develop as awesome as it had come out in my imagination. so, instead, i took this picture, and liked it!

day 20: mustaches

it seems that the new rage is mustaches. i've seen several of my brothers try to grow them. some of them looked okay, some we sighed with relief when they finally "shaved that thing off."

sorry for not posting yesterday. such a busy day! but i promise i took this picture yesterday! so technically i'm still on track! plus. i am going to be going away for about two weeks this year so i will take a picture a day while i am gone, and post them when i get back. still working out the kinks on that one.


day 19: the super moon!

has anyone been out to check out the super moon this lovely evening? i have, and it's amazing. it brings back memories, because the last super moon i saw over the eiffel tower in france (miss that place). i heard that the peak would be around eleven thirty tonight. so if you live on the east coast, you've got just about a half an hour to make your popcorn and grab your lenses!

i really wanted to post one with a moon flare, because i am pretty well obsessed with flares of any kind in pictures, but this one came out a bit better than the ones with moon flares (a green dot in the picture that some would probably say, "oh! a UFO!" now you know where the tabloids get their pictures. jk. they don't get them from me).

and, side note, i saw a porcupine today! so cute! he lives under our shed, which my pops is NOT impressed with.


day 18: music

first of all, completely unrelated to this post is the fact that you should never go to the grocery store at 10 p.m. because there are all sorts of "interesting" people hanging out in the parking lot, and second, you should never open the milk door at the supermarket tired. you just might almost hit yourself in the face, and flinch like an idiot, then look around to make sure no one saw.

okay. so now that i've got that all said and done. to today's post! i hope everyone had a wonderful friday! mine was quite long and i am happily home in my comfy snowman jammies now. that's right. i have snowman jammies. they are even fleece. i bet you're jealous. you should be. i am and i am the person wearing them.

anyhow, when i got home from work at ten fifteen, i really didn't want to go through the whole rigmarole of pulling the rebel out, thinking of a subject, booting up the computer, and sitting down to write an extremely boring blog post.

so i instead poured myself some nice sangria and stared for a while at the bulleted list i have pinned to my bulletin board (hey! maybe that's why they call it a bulletin board! random thoughts, by audrey). then i finally came up with the theme "music." easy enough. i love music so much. my computer houses about 7600 songs. and i used to play the piano. though before tonight i hadn't played since i was probably 19. i miss it, to tell you the truth. i started taking lessons when i was about eight, although my parents pulled me out after a few lessons, and i taught myself for about a year (i don't remember, who remembers at eight??) and then had lessons for a few years, until i would say, about 12 or 13. then i resumed the whole teach yourself thing.

so getting back to tonight. i thought that i would pull out the old sheet music and take a picture of my favorite song of all time (besides tuxedo junction, because that might be tied). fur elise. beethoven. he always amazed me. can you imagine, he was deaf and still composed these breathtaking songs? i can't. true talent. you don't find much of that these days, in my opinion.

i taught myself to play fur elise and practiced and practiced and practiced until my fingers ached to perfection. i had it down, and i could play some of the song from memory. i was proud of that.

then, when i was about 19, i stopped playing. life just....happened. and then, once in a while, i would sit down and attempt to hammer out a melody, though, by that time, the piano had become untuned and it was painful to play, because the notes from my memory were different and my fingers had developed musical dyslexia.

i haven't played in probably a year in a half. tonight i pulled the dusty book off the shelf, fully intending to prop it on the piano, shoot a picture, upload it, and go to sleep.

but then, i opened the book, and the familiar old, musty (not gross musty, familiar, comfortable musty. is there such a thing? i think so) smell wafted into my nostrils, and i was compelled to pull out the piano's bench, prop up the book, and begin playing.

i thought it would be a horrible disaster, that the notes would come out all wrong, and that i would give up after the first familiar chords.

but, no.

it didn't happen. i somehow made it through the whole song, just (well, not just, but similar) to old times. sure, the piano was out of tune, and my fingers stumbled a little to find the right positions on the fingerboard. but the music came.

tonight's picture is my favorite part of fur elise to play. well, i love the whole song. it is, you could say, hauntingly beautiful.


day 17: an experiment

a while ago one of my friends (who is an amazing photographer) was telling me about a project i should try with my pictures. i tried it a few weeks ago with my mom, but i didn't really get into it as much as i wanted to (the pictures when i tried it didn't come out, but here's the link post: http://sevencsphotography.blogspot.com/2012/04/day-3-colors.html).

anyways, i was trying to figure out which picture i wanted to post today, and came up with this one, hope you like it:


day 16: what i did today!

....... drum-roll please......

I BOUGHT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's right, folks. watch out because this girl's back out on the road (with a horrible anxiety of the people behind her). or, should i say, watch where YOU'RE going. don't hit me in my sweet new baby :)

but i'm so excited because today was amazing. you'd be excited and slightly (if not more) infatuated with this car if it was your's. finally, i am out of the 90's and into the 2000's.

still trying to figure out a name for it, however. someone told me once that you should name your car according to the first song you hear on the radio driving it. which is why my first car (a 1999 Nissan Altima, killed by a dodge Dakota) was named Crowe (after counting crows, still remember driving down the road to it, but spelled with an "e" because of mystery science theater. yeah, i'm kind of a nerd), and my second car (a 1999 Honda civic, killed by a dodge ram. i don't like dodges.) was called the matchbox, after that matchbox twenty song i heard the first day i had it. well, i am definitely not naming this beauty (2010 Honda civic, black!) Katy Perry, or the one that got away (because if i get hit again, i think i'll have a nervous breakdown and never drive again). so i'm still trying to figure it out.

but on the plus side, you'll probably realize you're driving behind me if you're stuck behind a young person driving like an eighty year old! i hate accidents so stinkin much.

anyways, what you've been waiting for! and probably why you've visited this blog, for the picture of the day :)

and, because i really can't help myself, i'm posting three pictures today :)


day 15: unfocused

I'll be the first to admit sometimes I lose my focus pretty easily. This doesn't usually happen with the shutter button on my camera, thankfully. But today, it happened. I was fully intentional on making day 15's theme "glass" but instead, I thought, hey, wouldn't it be neat to just unfocus the picture and see what happens? And I ended up kind of liking it! So here's the result.

What do you think? Feel free to comment below, or, if you'd like a little anonymity, just rate the picture below it. Thanks for the feedback!