day 24: tea

i think i'm going to have to devote more than one day to tea, i love it so much. the aroma, the tingly, bitter taste it leaves on your tongue, drying it out, and the warmth it fills me with as it travels down my throat and warms my hands with it's dry heat. Every cup I drink seems to be a time travelling cup. If I'm drinking regular black tea, I'm transported back to laying on the couch with a fever and a sore throat, still in my jammies, at six years old, when Mom made me tea to sooth the sickness. When I steep Earl Gray, I remember my brothers and I opening that iconic yellow tin and oh, how special it was when we got a cup of the bagless, loose-leaf tea.

No matter how many times you've burned me, tea, I still love you. Which is why I'm posting more than one photo of the day today. Also, today is a special day because this post celebrates the one year mark of sharing my photo obsession with you readers. A lot has happened this past year. i think i've grown a lot, not only as a photographer, but as a person, i think. well, i'll let you judge for yourself. i know what i am inside, and i'm finally becoming more comfortable with that.

thank you for all the views, but we didn't quite make it to 5k by today :( the count stands at 4594. when we make it to 5k, though, you better believe i'm bragging about it on the blog! because it will be amazing!