Leaving the Snow

so it snowed last night and today. early for the season. we didn't get as much as i thought we were going to, but we still got some. and the sight of leaves still green on the trees is a little strange to me. i hope you all stayed safe if it was bad where you were. have a great day!


Bee Bomb, I Think They Call It

snow today. it's hard to believe that a week ago, we were running around on a green field in the last "hurrah" of the soccer season. sure, it was cold, but hey, it wasn't SNOWING. i couldn't hear any plows going down the road and i wasn't thinking, oh no, i have to face my fears again of driving in that stuff...although, it's so pretty to watch and let's face it, new englanders have cold blood running through their veins.

so, anyways, i'll leave you with a nice picture for the day. and, if you're in the path of the early nor'easter, stay warm & safe :)


A Spot of Tea

this is what the cold weather makes me want...a nice steaming cup of goodness :)



one of sarah's favorites from my europe trip. this place is actually a MALL. pretty fancy for a country girl like me :)

see you later!



saw these yesterday, and i thought they looked pretty cool



things might not be easy, but if you stop once in awhile, you just might see the beauty.


Breakwater II

another shot from breakwater..

My Next Adventure

okay, so yesterday i posted the covered bridge adventure; today i'm really excited to post the other part of my escapade (btw, that word is awesomely amazing). I decided to either go to bug light or fort williams. I have a really hard time making decisions, so, after asking the audience, i went to bug light, whiiiich i thought i had been to before (and had even raved about it to tourists about how cool it was) but, upon arriving there, realized that I've never actually been to bug light. So here are some pics from the day that I liked..and i hope you like them, too.
yes, it is ACTUALLY the real Bug Light i went to this time. Now i really can rave about it.
the day was so nice and sunny and generally perfect there were all kinds of boats out. and a LOT of sailboats. which are super cool.
 have a great day!


My First Adventure From Saturday

so Saturday i was bored and tired and kind of cranky. (yeah, i know, cranky.) it was way too nice to stay inside so i decided to take a little adventure drive. i figure the foliage this year is kind of silly....(although today it's looking much better, but then i realized that maybe it was just because i was wearing aviators that are tinted brown)...where was i going with this anyhow??

anywho...this week i'll let you in on my little escapade. it was actually really fun! and at the end of it, i was smiling again..so i hope you enjoy them :)

stop one...the old covered bridge..
riding over a covered bridge gives me the same feeling as a cobblestone street.
and, (i know, i'm going a little crazy with THREE pictures today...) my favorite that's tied with the other two..
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have an awesome day!



i wish the leaves were this nice this year...



just one of those days..makes you want to sit inside, drink tea, and read a good book. or it just makes you really really really want a nap. hope you have a good day!