day 14: a list

i'm a girl who's all about lists. even though everything usually doesn't get done, i'm a stickler for wanting to control at least one part of my life, and putting down my priorities helps straighten out all those thoughts that jumble themselves together in my brain. so today, i give you a sneak-peak of my 366 photo list. it's not finished, some days i add things to it according to what i photograph that day, and everything might not get crossed off at the end of the year (if i finish!), but, at least, everything is in order and hopefully i won't double up one day. :)

so here's hoping today went swell for you...

...and that you got all your to-do's done!


day 13: sepia

well, here goes. another color. can't believe tomorrow will be two weeks! i was kicking myself today, because i remembered to bring the rebel out with me, but, unfortunately, i forgot the memory card. so, no pics of the beautiful mountain view today...but, i present the wine bottle i snapped with my atrix.

i've got a long day ahead of me so i've got to get off to sleep!


day 12: the road at night

cutting it down to the wire today! less than an hour before day 12 officially ends. well, it was a busy one. spent the majority of the day in the car, but i did get to see my grandparents, which was nice. and i got to hang with my parents and my super awesome brother and sister in law. so, all in all, a good (but busy) day 12!


day 11: something that smells good

also known as, my favorite smell in the whole wide WORLD. I bought this bottle like three years ago and it's almost to the bottom. well, i've got a little ways to go, but i'm still in love with this.

tomorrow i'm headed down to visit my Grampy so hopefully i'll post something other than the one object shots (aka a busy lifestyle) but you never know, so i'll keep you posted (pun intended). have a great day!


day 10: power

lesson one today. don't ever let me weed your garden. today, in an attempt to be helpful, i decided to weed my mother's garden. should be easy enough, you know, with all the little things barely popping out of the ground, and weeds are pretty obvious, aren't they?

apparently not. at least, in my case. mom asked me if i weeded when she got home.

"yes, i only pulled up what i was sure were weeds," i said, eagerly, as we ate dinner.

she smiled. proceeded to tell me that i pulled up a foxglove.

OOPS. well, a lesson learned.


day 9: a tack

this means war. just kidding. i wanted to do something a little fun today, but when i got home from work at 10 pm i was getting really down on myself because i was really tired and frankly, not in the mood to blog today. but then, after reviewing my lists i've been making of 366 days of pictures, i came up on a play on words. a tack. i mean, every one has some sort of battle they're facing. hope your day went well, i'm off to find some zzz's..


day 8: waking up

woohoo! we made it to day 8! I was fiddling around with my camera on my phone when I was too procrastinatory to make the walk from my cozy warm bed to the shower to begin the day, and this is what i came up with. my photo of the day.



day 6: achievement

okay, okay, it might seem childish, but i'm putting my ribbons from when i was in primary and middle school writing contests up. i can't believe i still have them, and most people probably would have thrown them away, but i worked really hard for that first place ribbon! all the way until eighth grade, to be exact! the other "awards" are fake prizes we used to give each other in office cleaning.


day 5: out the window

I don't have any time today, and I am still half asleep, but if I don't post now I won't be able to post today, so, here's the best I'm doing today:


Day 4: Love

Usually when people take a love-themed picture, they take a photo of a cute oozy couple or a parent with a child, or something like that. But I am telling you, this cat has unconditional love for my mom (as you can see).


Day 3: Colors

I'm still compiling my list of 366 photo opportunities...so right now I'm kind of winging it :) Today is day 3, and I was going to try something else, and then I found these supremely old food colorings in the cupboard, and I thought they made a neat subject!

On a side note, this weekend I'm going to scrounge for time to post, because I'll be out of town; and, as of 9:37 pm tonight, we need 972 pageviews to meet our 5k goal!

(actually, correction, I was so used to doing subtraction in the nine hundreds and I am horrible at math. we only need 872 :) )


Day 2: The Way I See Things

Quite literally, in fact.

I know it's super early, but I can't sleep. My brain is racing and my stupid accident aches keep me tossing and turning. So I figured I might as well put myself to sleep with a nice, leisurely blog post. I was worried I wouldn't get to post today, and it's only day 2!! But perhaps the temporary insomnia helped. Anyways, have a good night, or day, which ever way you prefer to "look" at it (seriously, no pun intended).


Photo a Day?

Recently I've been hearing all about these photo-a-day projects folks have going. And I've been thinking, "someday, I want to do one of those." Today, I decided, I really actually want to start a daily photo journal. Because, I really wanted to do one in May, and I found a great list, but it was someone else's, and it just didn't seem to be me. Does that make any sense? I think so.

So I started to do all kinds of research on people's past photo a day projects. There are a lot out there! And many of them said, they are challenging, which was why I was apprehensive about starting my own, but, they also said, doing one of these projects will teach you a lot more about yourself and what's important to you, and completing a project like this will definitely improve your photography skill. So, although it's April 17, and it's going to be a challenge, I'm going to do it. It's going to be challenging, who knows if I'll follow through, and I don't know what I'm going to take pictures of. But a challenge is a challenge. The definition itself is a challenge of one's abilities. So....here goes. Day 1!

...and the reason I actually finally decided to start. An article talked about documenting color, and I had just grabbed a banana for a snack, then looked down and realized that the shirt I am wearing is yellow. I've posted about yellow before and its contribution to my overall happiness, but this was funny to me. So, I pulled out the rebel, tried a few mirrors, a few shots, a few poses, and ended up with this final project:

What do you think? I want to do a poll of what you think of me starting a photo a day project. Will I follow through, or get into my normal distracted self? What kinds of subjects should I shoot? I'm open to your suggestions :)

The Cat Came Back

..the very next day..

Tell me you've heard that rhyme before and you're not sitting there reading this, thinking, okay??

This is my cat, Squirrel. She's a good cat. Very photogenic. She's been featured on the blog before.


a new technique!

I watched a tutorial on how to do pink splash on pictures, and I tweaked it a bit to come up with this result:

I like it! But what do you think???


I don't normally do the spotlight on pictures because it cuts out too much for my liking. But this picture was different. I wanted to focus the viewer's attention on the subject of the lighthouse, without all of the landscape in between the lens and the lighthouse distracting them. I hope you like it.


another post because i am BORED!

I'm stuck inside. I can't do anything. I feel like a truck hit me (excuse the metaphor, it's actually kind of true. It hit my car). And I am afraid that my level of crazy will only increase. So, I'm posting again today. I figure that if I can't be out and about, and I don't want this gray cloud hanging over my head to actually rain, I might as well do one thing. I can show you another picture. I can amp my stats. Which, by the way, we are 1,047 views from my goal of 5k by May 10. Can we do it? well, if being laid up in my jammies at home has anything to do with it, YES. YES WE CAN.

I think life is a lot like this sign; we get warnings, but do we heed them?


i got in a minor car accident yesterday so i'm going to be laid up for a few days, it looks like. less than a day into it, i'm already bored! no car, no photo adventures, it looks like it's just me and netflix. i hope i feel better tomorrow...


Tuesday's Tree

I have an awesome shot (I think) for tomorrow, so stay tuned! Until then, I'm showing you Tuesday's Tree, as I like to call it. It's a beautiful day out today, and this is a shot from Saturday. But I'm posting it on Tuesday, so that's why it's Tuesday's Tree. So deal with it. I didn't have to tell you it wasn't actually shot on Tuesday :)

An update on how our quest for 5,000 views is going: as of my last checking (two seconds ago), we are at 3,914. So we need 1,086 views by May 10. Can we do it? Well, only you can know that.


adventure, part 2

another shot from fort Williams park today. i thought this one was interesting, and originally, it was all color, but i wanted to highlight the beauty in ruins. a midst the crumbling graffiti-ified walls, shoots of budding leaves spring. nature eventually takes over. i don't know if i captured it exactly the way you would, but i'm happy with this shot.


yesterday's journey

i'm going to tease you all today by telling you where i went and not giving you the grand finale.

yesterday i went to....drumroll...fort williams. i walked up to the fort you can't go in, snapped a few shots, got scared, then walked to the fort you can actually explore, then traversed down the walkway to Portland Head Light. That place always amazes me. I got a pretty awesome shot of the lighthouse but, like i said, i'm going to tease you today and show you that one another day :)

until then, enjoy what you have, and you have this picture.


Let's Talk About...

old times. Whenever I go to Portland Head Light, in Cape Elizabeth, ME, I think back to a time a long time ago. I think I was about six or seven. I don't remember, and that's not important. I remember visiting the famous light house with my family, right at sundown, in summer, when the golden light hits, just so. Maybe it's my memory that has turned it golden, maybe it was actually that color, who knows. I remember the green grass and Frisbee. I remember envying the kid in front of me, with light up sneakers (you remember those? When you stepped a bunch of red lights flickered. I never got a pair, but I was so jealous of the kids that got them. But then again, my pink Velcro sneakers were pretty awesome). Ahhh....the things you remember. Anyhow. I thought I would pay a visit there soon. Until then, here's a photo I snapped the time before last that I was there, in December 2010. I was going through some old pictures and was struck with nostalgia for the place.


uke can do it even if life plays you like a banjo :)

I'm a big believer in positivity. I try to keep a smile on my face and look at the lighter side of life, as you could probably already guess if you've been following this blog for any amount of time. So, today, I'm going to give you all a bit of Friday encouragement. There are no strings attached (literally, as you can see in the pictures). I am just going to tell you. Don't worry. Life is hard, but "Uke" can do it. (even if this is a banjo)


and the funny part is...

i don't really like pictures of flowers. okay, they are beautiful, and the amazing creative design intricately weaved into the tiniest of them is really amazing, and, to boot, they smell amazing (well most of them do. i bought some really pretty flowers for someone last week and they did NOT smell very appealing. they smelt a bit like...well, let's not get into that).

but, accepting the fact that I am not the biggest fan of photographed flowers, i still feel compelled to get down on my knees and shoot them through my viewfinder. 

this happened today. i know i don't post more than once a day (usually, but stranger things have happened), but today, i'm breaking the rules and posting twice. hey, i gotta make it to 5,000 views somehow!

hopefully you all had a good day, i know i have the biggest smile on my face this evening. :)


I've always loved pictures, especially the 1950's vintage era everyone seems to love now. I swear I liked them before they were cool, just like I liked herbal tea before it was cool to like herbal tea. Hey, maybe I'm a trendsetter....well.....I highly doubt that, but I just had to say it, for laughs. Anyways, when I'm bored and looking for a change, I pull out the Rebel and snap a few pictures of myself. I posted a few weeks ago about mirror images, and I have to admit, I am a little addicted to them, just like I'm addicted to the song "Sleepy Tigers," by Her Space Holiday, and a bunch of other foot-tappers and in-the-car concerts, that I replay over and over again (it's a good thing I'm by myself in the car when these singing bants occur. Because I think I would drive everyone but myself crazy).

Anyway. Enjoy today's picture. It's a family picture today.


Goodnight, Moon

I know the moon wasn't at it's full stage last night, but still, last night, when I went out to roll the windows up on my little matchbox of a car, I had to run back in to grab the Rebel. I was awed in it's lunar beauty as I sat, cross-legged, on the brick walkway, trying to balance my camera so steady for a clear shot. It took a few, because, if you've ever tried to take a picture at night without the flash, it's SUPER hard to get a non-shakified shot (yes, I just made that word up. I don't care if I have that squiggly red line below it, screaming improper spelling. I happen to like my new word). 

Anywho, if you didn't get a chance to see it last night (it's not quite at full moon stage, last night it was only about 86% full. Pretty close, though), here you are. And if you did get to see it, too bad. Enjoy it with the rest of us anyways. After all, if we didn't have the moon, we wouldn't be around, moseying in our little lives. 

On that super negative note, have a great day (even though it sounds negative, don't worry, if you have to be around this girl today, I happen to be in a good, if slightly volatile, mood)!


Anyone Up For a Challenge?

Okay. So I've been thinking about how in just over a month, on May 10, this blog will celebrate its first anniversary. I was thinking what I want to do for that momentous one year milestone, and I'll be honest, I've been drawing a blank on that one.

Then today I had a bright and amazing (well, I thought it was amazing) idea for the Seven C's blog. I know I mentioned a while back that I'm trying to post more, and I have been trying to post more, but this month, until May 10, I am going to post EVERY DAY. And if I happen to be paralyzed for a day or the power is out or there is some kind of disaster preventing me from posting, I will try and make it up by posting twice the next day. Annnnnnndddd....that will help me to hopefully accomplish my next goal. This one you can help me out with. As of 3:19 pm on April 3, 2012, Seven C's has 3,795 pageviews. My question is, can we make it to five grand by May 10??????

I know that's 1,205 WHOLE pageviews. It's a lot, I get it. The most pageviews that I've ever gotten in a month is 771. Eeek. I'm starting to feel the pressure. Maybe we can't do it, maybe we can. But i'm going to need your guys' help. Enjoy this blog? Follow it. Think you know someone who likes quirky photography and lame humor? Recommend it. Because, after all, it's the little things...


The Lilacs are Coming! The Lilacs are Coming!

As the title explains the post, I'm not going to say much today.