Correct Me If I'm Wrong..

So I was going through some pictures today to put on Etsy (that's right, I sell on Etsy. So sue me. Ok, please don't. Because the whole reason I sell there, and I haven't ever actually sold anything, is to break some extra cash for my upcoming trip to Ireland!), and I decided that I've never put this picture up on the blog. And I really like it. So, I asked myself, why haven't I put it up? And I couldn't actually come up with a logical answer. So today I'm going to put it up here (I've used the word "so" a lot in this post. Please don't hold it against me. I couldn't think of a better word today). I also was reading in a book yesterday about footnotes, and how useful they are. I guess I apply the same advice to my parentheses, which I had to look up the word for, because I am having one of those "mental block" days, and couldn't think of the name for them. There's a great chart on this website if you're ever having a similar mental block, like I just did: http://visual.merriam-webster.com/communications/communications/punctuation-marks.php.

Anyhow. Here is today's picture. I'm going to try to post more often, because I used to post every day, and right under my blog title, it says, "a photo a day keeps the boredom away," and I haven't actually lived up to that, since I posted exactly eight, fifteen, and ten posts in February, January, and December (in that order, and I just used the parentheses because I could, and wanted another excuse for them).

So here's number nine:

And, since it's Leap Day, I'm posting this little fellow:


My First Camera, Circa 2005

This is my first camera. I'll never forget the day I got it. Mid-March, almost seven years ago. Dad put it in a brown cardboard box and put a bogus Canadian address on it and came home from the "post office" with a package addressed to me. I was so excited. I still remember sitting cross-legged, glasses on, my fourteen-year-old self reading the owner's manual, because Dad told me I had to read the owner's manual before I started the "real deal."

Thanks, Dad, for starting my passion and weaning me away from drugstore disposable cameras. Seven years later, a trip to Europe, and about ten thousand pictures later, I've still got that passion burning for the shutter button :)


oldies but goodies

so i'm publishing an old one today. we were just starting to see spring here (i thought i saw some crocuses poking out of the earth the other day!) when we got a few storms. granted, it's still not been much of a winter (although i heard they got 20 inches of white stuff last week in Fort Kent, ME), but i thought, nonetheless, that i would share a spring-y picture with you all today. hope you enjoy it! it's not the best, but, still, it's more summer than we're going to see in a while. so go ahead, live vicariously through this blog. :)


Every Day We're Leaving Something Behind

They say every day is a new beginning. And I believe that. But the new beginnings leave old endings that are sometimes unfinished, like books that remain unwritten and unpublished. They sit on shelves, unscathed, collecting the dusts of years and days gone by. Like lens flares, they make me a little reminiscent for the past. So I've come to a decision. I've decided to burn the pages that are half-written. It's time to stop erasing and just start a new page, like the first day of school, when you cherish all the fresh notebooks full of crisp white, blue-lined pages. It's time to begin anew, with a fresh start. 


..and now, my feet are a bit wet

I've been thinking about this shoot for about a week or so. Today, I decided, was the perfect day for it. I unscrewed my lens cap, flipped the switch to on, and thumped into...the bathroom. That's right, you heard me, it was the perfect day for a bathroom shoot. I got to stay in my jammies and everything! 

This one was a little difficult. I realized, standing in the tub, that the floor was still a little wet from the last shower. And I was still wearing my fuzzy socks (if you haven't heard about my fuzzy socks, we obviously have not had a very long conversation, since they are one of my true loves in the winter months). So they got a bit damp. As I said, this shoot was a little bit difficult. I am a shorter person, so capturing the shot below involved standing on the tub's edge, which is about three inches wide, and even then, I found myself thinking, if I were only two or three inches taller. So I precariously stood on the edge on tippytoe. Which is not really a good idea for this girl. Because I fall and run into things often. So I was picturing a trip to the emergency room. 

But, thankfully, I escaped unharmed and present to you, the audience, my bathroom adventures for today. Thanks for stopping by. 


smile! =my definition.

So yesterday I was munching on some good ole' (they weren't actually old, FYI) m&ms  and I was thinking, hey, it would be cool to draw a sun with a yellow one in the middle and photo shoot it for my next blog post! So....that's what I did. and then, writing this post, I decided to do a little research on yellow, the color that makes me instantly happy. Wikipedia's article on it, to my utter dismay, (!) basically DOWNED the color. Instead of saying, "Yellow is the color that makes Audrey instantly happy and bubbly," it said, " yellow has traditionally been associated with jaundice and cowardice." That would definitely not be my definition, but then again, I haven't written a dictionary. Just read a lot of it and come up with my own definitions for things over the years, as this blog post can definitely attest to. Wow, I just used the word "definitely" a lot more than I was expecting to. Anyways, I hope you all have a Audrey definition of the word "yellow" day...as in, I hope you have an instantly bright, optimistic, and incredibly happy day. 


In Retrospect...

I think a lot. Sometimes (I think), I think too much. Whether it's about what to do tomorrow, what I should have done yesterday, or what I might have done in the past, it's there in this girl's brain. If you can think it, it's probably swimming around in my brain. Most of what I think of comes in snapshots, either of the past or some future picture that I want to capture with the Rebel. So today, here are some retrospects:

i always think about taking pictures of trees from the bottom..they all seem to tell a different story
i took this one in the French countryside

there's something about footprints that reminds me of leaving the past..


Game Day!

It's game day! Who are you going for? Here in our house, we're all Pats fans, but we realize there are other fans, who just haven't come to terms with who to root for :)

Here's hoping for an amazingly awesome game! Go Pats!


in the snow!

it snowed yesterday. then rained today. my mom called me at seven thirty on the dot this morning and told me to bring my camera out today, because it was "so pretty outside." i muttered, "ok," and went back to sleep until my alarm went off ten minutes later.

when i actually went outside, i was disappointed because the day was gray. and it wasn't "so pretty" out, so far, ten minutes into my commute.

but when you look closer at your surroundings, you might just be amazed.

and your day might turn into something better than you thought it would.