I want to go back there someday..

...back to the wide open spaces and the bright blue skies of summertime. Anyone care to join me? 

Also, I found this photo today, I thought it was interesting how the Queen Anne's Lace flower pictured below kind of mimics an icy snowflake. Funny how nature does patterns, isn't it?


Frosty Mornings

   I never wake up early enough to give myself time to shoot the awesomeness of frosty mornings. Thanks to going to bed early last night, however, I was able to finally get out there and shoot some of the greatness of the season. Some may say, well, that's just some dead leaves, and cold grass. But I say, no, it stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away when you see it. It's beautiful.

   I decided to just show you the black and white versions today, maybe another day I will get the color ones to the way I remember the colors being.