Cranes and Bottlecaps

I was really really really bored last night....SHOCKER! and so I decided to clean out my ominously messy desk (which is surprising that I have a messy desk, because I abhor messy desks...they just frustrate me). I found all kinds of interesting things, like my spare car key (that should come in handy at the rate I lose things), the hospital bracelet from my car accident, three memory card cases, about ten pads of sticky notes, three rolls of tape, a horde of pens and pencils, my old cell phone, and, among many other things, this tiny crane someone once gave me as a souvenir. COMPLETELY forgot I had it, but I remember treasuring it. So, I thought I would share it with all of you readers. I hope you appreciate it like I do.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about my bottle cap collection. Yeah, people collect weird things. Actually, I should say, I collect weird things.



i <3 taking pictures of posers :) that it, the ones who are super honest in real life and then ham it up for the camera. what i love about this picture is you can kind of see all the personalities and craziness of my family. that's right, meet my nearest and dearest :) those are my kinfolk in the above.

have a great weekend!


Wedding Bells!

...has been editing, and editing, and editing, and FINALLY! has some pictures to share with you :) I hope you like them :)



So tonight I was looking for some pictures to share with you today, and I stumbled upon our Tumbledown trip from a while ago. It was a pretty fun hike, save the lightening storm about to happen when we reached the peak (if you know me, you know lightning storms + this girl= not a good combo). So before I ran down the mountain, here are some shots:


Saturdays Are For Adventures

As some of you may know, Saturday afternoons I get a little bored usually and..sometimes, I decide to take a little photo adventure. Well, last Saturday was a bit chilly and I didn't have a whole lot of time, so I decided to hike it down to the local playground. It was fun, but my fingers ended up numb. I guess that's what no gloves will do to you :)


shh! it's a preview!

hey hey hey! we have a preview from this weekend all ready for you all! woohoo!

i thought it would be OK to share this baby with you all since it doesn't really have the happy couple in it, and i am giddy with excitement after editing my eyes out. (yes, it's just a metaphor, i still have eyes. how else would i still be able to bring you this AWESOME photo journal???) hope everyone is having a great week and gearing up for winter!

see you soon with more pics! :) :)


while you're waiting...

so as you might know, i took my first stab at wedding photography this past weekend. while i didn't get the perfection i was aiming for (no pun, if there was one, intended), i did get a lot of great shots. but, unfortunately, i won't be posting any of the pictures until i have shared them with the happy couple. after all, i think they deserve the first look. but, i thought i would TRY to keep you lovely folks entertained for the meanwhile with a little something...hope you like :)


Saturdays Are For Practice

As some of you may know, this upcoming weekend my older brother Sam is getting married! We are all so excited...but...I am a little nervous. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE I AM TAKING THE PICTURES AND THERE'S A FIRST THING FOR EVERYTHING AND THIS IS DEFINITELY THE FIRST WEDDING I'VE TAKEN!!!!!!!! (This is supposed to end with a long dramatic pause when you read it to yourself, by the way).

So on Saturday, my lovely parents agreed that they would be my guinea pigs while I shot their fabulous faces. I loved the results, and so I thought that I would share an image from the afternoon with you amazing blog readers. I hope you like it, and think of me this weekend while I am nervously clicking away on my shutter button!



the floating lanterns gleam

So tonight I wasn't feeling well and I stayed home. but then I was a little bored. I was listening to my iTunes and that song from "Tangled" came on. You know, the one about the floating lanterns? The sappy Audrey really likes that song. And then the delusional creative Audrey decided it would be kind of neat to set up a little floating lanterns tribute. So I hope you enjoy the results...it was fun blowing them all out.

I really like this one :) The one above, I mean, the other one is just so-so.

And then I couldn't decide on the one above or the one below, so I thought I'd show you both. Which one do you like better? Feel free to leave a comment below!