Sebago Lake, Winter Time

so it snowed last week. it reminds me i have a week and a half before my brother gets married! i'm so excited for him. you know, when i was little, he was the one i always copied. i liked the same sports teams, the same singers, and i even fell for the "games" he used to have me play, which would consist of me cleaning my room in an allotted period of time and he would come and be the "inspector." somehow, i always lost that one. and hey, he gave me my like of the Yankee's, even though he eventually turned into a Sox fan like almost everyone else in my family. anyways, i hope you like the picture, and that you have a great week. it's going to be a busy one!


lakes and windows

we were out and about and the day was so clear you could see the reflections of the clouds in the water. after this kat dared me to go up to my knees in the water...in my tights and skirt. yeah, i WON'T be posting those pictures here. anyhow, it was REALLY cold, but not as cold as submerging your whole self in the North Atlantic in January (ahem. i can attest to the numbness on that level).

anyhow, for a completely unrelated shot, see below :)


i was bored..

this is squirrelly.

so like i said yesterday..i got a new camera on Saturday, so now I've been playing around with it. the only problem is, when i get home from work, it's dark, so I've got to work with what I've got on the inside.

and i'm going to be completely random tonight and do some random, unrelated objects on my photo journal. but that's what life is: completely unrelated facts that merge to create a somehow brilliant picture (not saying these are brilliant pictures).

and hey, this is my cat, molly. 


The Rebel

i got a new camera! it's a canon rebel t3 and i got an INSANE deal on it (because i won't buy much if it isn't on sale, if you know me, you'd definitely agree with this fact). I am so excited because next month i'm going to be taking lots of pictures (wink wink) and i'm so excited! I've already shoved my camera in an obnoxious fashion in almost all of my friends' faces. so, stay tuned!


Teapots and Cheese Graters

so let me start by saying there is something definitively wrong with waking up at six thirty (in the a.m.) on your day off. which is exactly what happened to me this morning. so what else is there to do at that time of morning but shoot some pics of teapots and cheese graters??

so anyhow, i thought that i would bore the audience with the pictures that ensued from this morning's "escapade" if it can really truly be called that.

i hope you have a great day! and i hope that the energy i have will last the entire day. we'll see.


That Staten Island Ferry

the first time i ever went on the Staten island ferry. it was so neat..we had spent the whole day wandering around the sweltering Big Apple and i think that everyone's feet were tired. And then, there was this most amazing sunset to enjoy....i hope you enjoy it, too. After this, we got "accosted" (as my dad would say) on the subway by a bunch of thugs (i just like using that word, although, in truth, that's what they were), and my poor brother Jack, who had just had one of his wisdom teeth out and so his jaw was already swollen, got a slight kiss with a fist on our way out by one. But hey, that's what makes a story, the good and the bad. And we all made it out safely.

anyways, thanks for stopping by, and have a great evening!


 i miss you, little buddy..


1,000 Pageviews! Wow, That's a LOT of Stalkers!

hey everyone! we made it to 1,000 pageviews the other day! i would have posted this earlier (i figured, fireworks are kind of celebratory and all), but the last two days have been....well...busy. so until next time, thanks!