day 74: switcheroo

well i had another picture i was going to post here, but then i thought, well, i don't think that i want to post something that personal on the blog for anyone to see, so i opened up my photo editor (i used picasa for this one, i had used my photoshop for the other project) and fiddled around until i had something i was satisfied with. i really like the glittery light going on in this photo. 
one quick thing before i close today (because my dad made us dinner! proceed with a sappy awww), It's Time by Imagine Dragons...GOOD SONG. my new addiction possibly. besides instagram. among other things. 

day 73: some humor?

you might not think it's funny, but i think it's pretty downright hilarious. i saw this as a gift on pinterest or something a while ago, and so i thought i'd perform a little testing sample myself..

day 72: i give myself a pat on the back

for sticking with this job for a whole year. doesn't seem like a long time to you, mr. corporate, sitting there in your high backed leather office chair, but to me, it is, just because the sales job i have really isn't what i saw myself doing at this point in life a few years ago. but hey. it pays the bills, and that's what counts, right? :)


just a side post..

two things..

1) remember when i was all stressed out about the photo challenge when i'm away for a few weeks when i first started the photo challenge? you probably don't. but i do. which is why i am excited to just let you know, the show WILL indeed go on. because i found this amazing little idea floating around in my brain. i won't be able to update the blog, sure, since i'll be across the big blue wet thing (per fozzy bear in muppet treasure island). but i will be able to journal my blogs in a little diary i found the other day. then, when i get back, all i'll have to do is type out that day's entry! that way you all can stay up to date with my adventure!

2) i took this picture the other day, shared it on the blog, then re-edited it, and actually liked it better! so here it is,...

day 71: porcelain kitty

i love this little thing. it's my mother's.

day 70: keychain

i collect keychains. i also have a passion for breaking them. just ask the two eiffel towers, the dutch wooden shoe, etc. it happens. to me. especially. But one keychain i've had for a few years now, and hasn't broken, is this one. also, interesting fact, it's the only actual bling on my keyring. it truly has stood the test of time.

the story behind it is a small one. you know that big nineties fad with having everything with your name on it? well, i grew up always wanting one. every store i went in that had one of the displays i would rush over to, scan the a's, and inevitably end with andrea and autumn. there were never any audrey's in the bunch. so my field trips to the gift shop usually ended up in disappointment. until the day my mom and i went on a road trip. my mom is seriously like the funnest person to take a roadtrip with. she is awesome! anyway, on the way back home we stopped at the mall for a little shopping spree. we ended up in a gift shop, and guess what? my mom bought me this little trinket. made my day. maybe even my year. it's the little things..


day 69: paint

i love to paint. i'm not the greatest at it, but if something is bothering me, or i'm stressed out, or i just am bored, i like to do one of four things: a, pull out my camera and take shots, b, pull out my charcoals, pens and pencils and sketch, c, paint, or d, waste time on the computer. i would say i'm best at wasting time. which is really not good. but hey, we all have our things we're working on. and that's one of mine. so today i decided to paint. and i did. not a van gogh or picasso or anything amazing, but after i did, i felt awesome. and i smile at awesome.

day 68: party in the rain

Yesterday we had a party in the rain. And when I say rain, I don't mean, "oh my hair has those weird little droplets of mist in it". I mean, "crap! did i just fall in a swimming pool? cuz that's how wet my clothes are". Yep. But we still partied it out. In the pouring, you have to yell at the person sitting next to you to have a conversation rain.

day 67: carnival by the side of the road

Fridays. Everyone seems to love them. I do, too. Even if I have to work Saturday, Friday just has this extra-special feel to it. This Friday I ended up out with my best friend, Sarah. Both our phones had about 5% battery and we didn't really know where we were going, but before my battery died, I took this photo, simply because I love carnivals! Even though carnies really scare me. There is just something curious about these gypsy-ish folks.

day 66: a self incriminating shot

hey folks. random fact about this girl. when i'm bored (and this happens OFTEN), i take self portraits. sounds vain, but i always make faces and it ends up making me laugh. silly, right? i thought so, too.


day 65: daisy

Meg Ryan said "daisies are the friendliest flower." Pretty true, I think. One of the guys I work with always calls me Daisy; still trying to figure that one out. Anyways, as part of my bottoms up project, I bring you, a daisy. 


day 64: the letter "s"

I know that on my list of "Ideas for Topics for 366 Days of Photos" I put down all the letters of the alphabet, and I should have started at the letter "a". Any normal person would do this. Fact: I am not normal. I have concluded this fact over the last "tutu" years. There, I said it again, you know who ;) But I am fine with my abnormality because who wants to be a clone? Besides, when the stroke of "creative" genius hits, you just have to grab it by the horns and ride it...

So.. I give you.. the letter "s".


day 63: a palindrome

I love palindromes. The other week someone asked me what one was and I looked at them like they were crazy! How can you not know what a palindrome is? I've known since I was like eight. I learned how to spell it quite recently, however. It's a tough one. Words and spelling. Two of my favorite things. Did I tell you I knew how to spell encyclopedia when I was eight, too? Yeah. Pretty awesome, I know (just kidding. I know this kid who's like three and he knows how to read! That's genius). So today's post is a palindrome. I checked the blog stats tonight and it just so happened to make one. So, what a great idea for a post!


day 62: crutches

Friday the doctor told me I've got to use crutches for the next month. Big bummer over this way for a bunch of reasons I won't go into on this photo blog. So anywho. My brother once had to get knee surgery so we have a pair of stainless steel normal looking crutches. The problem with this is that this girl took the short gene of the family (I mean, my brothers are all on the tall side, I got the 5'4 gene apparently. Which I am okay with), so the crutches are way too tall for me. I adjusted them all the way to short and they were still too tall, but I used them for a day at work anyway and wanted to chop my pits off the next day my arms were so sore. So I reverted to using the other crutches Mom had stored away in the attic (what other treasures lay up there I have no idea. Remember? I'm on crutches now) which are wooden and so nineties (I really don't care, I mean, c'mon. Isn't vintage supposed to be back??). These go all the way down to short level and are perfect size! The only problem is, with the old factor, the comfy (if you can indeed call any part of crutches comfy) part of them was a sick yellow. So...hello, to today's post. REVAMPED! Audrey style! I mean, if you've got to use crutches for a month you might as well go in style!!

All the kids are gonna be jealous of this girl's style. Who else has a pair of sick hot pink zebra stripe (kudos to Mom who wheeled me around Wal*Mart today, which was a sight in itself, and helped me decide between the plain zebra stripe, and the HOT PINK zebra stripe duct tape) crutches??


day 61: the wrong guiness

Let me say that from the moment the waitress set the glass in front of my friend, Sarah, I said, "there's just something wrong with this picture." And I was right. A Guiness glass should always be filled with Guiness, not water. There. I've said it. 

day 60: audrey

Okay, I admit it. I have a little bit of an obsession with old Hollywood. Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Doris Day, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, etc. You just don't really come by that kind of glamour anymore. I grew up watching films like "To Catch a Thief", "The Delicate Delinquent", "Arsenic and Old Lace," and others. The acting! The class! The glamour! Who couldn't love it? Which is why today I give you Audrey Hepburn. I've had an interest in her because she has quite an amazing history, and who couldn't love someone who said, "nothing is impossible-the word itself says 'i'm possible!'"? I found this awesome website that lists a whole lot of quotes from her, you can find it here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/692403.Audrey_Hepburn. I haven't checked out the rest of the website, so don't quote me on the rest of it. Anywho, I'm attempting to sketch the picture in the foreground of this photograph, the one in the back that you purposely can't see as much is my sketch...

day 59: the day i stayed at home

Thursday I was banned to not doing anything because of this foot "issue" I have going on. So I stayed in my jammies (which was quite lovely), drank tea, made myself this AMAZING grilled cheese and salami sandwich, and got pretty addicted to this Android game I found on the market since I was bored. "Garfield Food Invaders" I think it is called. Try it. You'll be addicted too. I even got my mom to play (just like she plays my drawsomething every once in awhile. also a fantastic game). So I took a pic of this gum I picked up at the store a few days before. How ridiculously cool is it that they make six packs of orbit now? I don't know about you, but this girl always forgets about her gum in the summer and it gets forced into a congealed mass of wintermint.

day 58 was instagrammed

ah...wednesday.....the day that i almost forgot to take a picture...so i just snapped a pic of the macro detail on my bedside table lamp with the ole' atrix.

day 57: project...

Word of the semi-wise. DON'T EVER TRY TO GROW A BOYFRIEND.

One of my brothers went on vacation and what did he bring his only little sister back as a present but my very own "grow a boyfriend" project. The packaging reads as follows: "Grow a boyfriend If you can't get a date then grow the perfect mate! Drop me in the water for a lover that's made to order." Yeah, pretty funny, I admit it :) Now you know where I get my sense of "humor". Six big brothers, with the only boyfriend they're okay with is made to grow to six times his original size (also from the packaging).

So me and one of my sisters-in-law and my other brother decided to have a little project when they were all up a few weekends ago. We plopped the little guy in a dish of water and watched him grow!

The only problem is, my "boyfriend" had a slight growing deficiency. Namely, one of his legs was shorter than the other, and he had a club foot! And....he also looked pretty creepy!! But not as creepy as he looks now that he's shrinking back to his dehydrated glory. Every day brings a new surprise! <--that's what the packaging should really say...


day 56: bandaids

i know i've posted before about my obsession with bandaids. monday before i went to work i decided that maybe my foot might feel better if i put some bandaids with ointment on it (this didn't really help, since i ended up spending like four hours at the hospital that evening, coming out with a prescription for the infection and an order to stay off it for a week and the doctor saying, "it might be broken"). but what better way to go with bandaids than angry birds and wolverine (batman, i say)?

day 55: bob 2

i couldn't resist posting two days in a row about this kitten. so cute!!

day 54: bob

this is my friends' new kitten bob. isn't he just adorable? and so cuddly!!!



sorry i'm not posting right now! i'm keeping up with the snapping, but i'm laid up right now and my brain's not really functioning blog-wise. :( but i promise i'll post soon!!!!!!!! (all my eight followers ;) )


day 53: bottoms up!

today i thought of an ingenious (at least i think so) photo project idea!!!!!!!!

BOTTOMS UP. or, i was thinking, AT THE BOTTOM, LOOKING UP. but bottoms up is prolly easier to remember. the idea is, take pictures from low angles or looking up at the bottom of things. so often these things i think get overlooked, but as someone who notices more than perhaps i'm supposed to, i notice little edges and things often, i think. and then when i was thinking of things i could capture, it was like an endless wealth over here! so be prepared to be bored more with this whole idea. after i've exhausted all the things i can "picture" (haha, yeah, i know), i have something else in my mind's eye. so get ready, and stay tuned! because i'm WICKED excited!!! woohoo!

the idea started when i saw these three skirts hanging in a row. they looked kind of neat to me, so, although it's not the most "awesome" picture, i'm posting this one, because it started it all....

and, because i had so much fun playing crouching tiger, hidden dragon (or however it goes), here's two more shots. humorous, and because dad sat and let me take his sole-ful picture.


day 52: agatha christie

i'm drawn to mysteries. secretly (well i guess it's not a secret now) i wish i were a detective. i even have a story i pull out once in a while and write. so it's no wonder that my bookshelf is quite well stocked with a healthy selection of agathas. i even got my mom hooked on them!

day 51: foot

an update on my foot! haha. battle scars. i wanted to post one of when it first happened, but when i showed that picture to my brother, he dryheaved a bit. so...

day 50: orange

i've posted before about yellow, now i'll post about orange. another awesome color. the truth is, tuesday i was so tired that i just clicked this one out while looking around for a quick subject, so nothing special here.

day 49: gerbera daisy

gerbera daisy. it's like opossum. i'm sure there are a lot more words like it, too, but i can't think of them right at the moment. one thing that i think is really cool about this particular flower is that the middle might look like an individual flower, but  in reality is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers. pretty neat, huh? if you want to read the full article, go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerbera

anyways, i couldn't decide which one of these pictures i liked better for day 49, so i decided to show you two.

day 48: pizza!

i told my friend Sarah yesterday that i just might love pizza more than life itself.

day 47: mason jar

saturday we got to have a mini-family reunion dinner thingy. i say mini because we were missing two. you would say "wow that was a lot of people," when i tell you that there were thirteen of us there. or you might not.

day 46: this bridge reminds me of home

because every time i see it, just around the bend on the highway, i know that my journey is almost finished and i'm almost home.

so last friday started with a trip to the emergency room. i was going to make that my photo of the day, but after i looked at the picture again, i decided that maybe i would just show you a tame picture of a bridge. i fell down two steps. that is why i don't usually attempt to wear heels. because bad things happen to good people. the sad part is, they weren't even the dangerous stiletto heels that i envy my friends for wearing. no, they were just a pair of red, two inch slingbacks on their maiden voyage. yeah. now i shiver when i look at them. you would too.

so bridges. nice, bridges. i know bridges scare some people (like the girl i went to driver's ed with, she closed her eyes when she drove over bridges, needless to say, i thought i would never live through that car ride).


day 45: Guinness

in an effort to prepare me for Ireland (27 days! ahh!), when my good brother Jack was up last weekend for a visit, he went to the grocery store and bought four Guinnesses (i don't really know how to pluralize it, but that's going to have to do) because, "you need to get used to them, Audrey." <--to quote him.

what's there to get used to?? when i tell people that i tried Guinness they raise their eyebrows quizzically and say something along the line of, "well, did you like it?" and when i enthusiastically reply, "it's amazing! so yummy!" they crazily look at me and maybe shake their head. yes. i've discovered i definitely have a "thing" for dark beers. friday night i even traded my IPA with my brother Bill's porter. then i think i even dreamed of it that night. yes, i am a little obsessive. could be good, could be bad.*

*this post may or may not be slightly more than exaggerated. 

day 44: qr codes

that's right. i found a qr code on my banana. it was a gross banana, fyi.

which leads me to think (qr codes, not gross bananas) that is there anything that doesn't have one nowadays? and do people actually use them? because, i don't think i really need to see what the banana sticker qr code site has to say, or the poster for produce in the grocery store. or maybe i just need a few more hours in the day to examine where they all might lead me?

day 43: something i say every day

first off, my other famous words: i'm sorry. i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. things have been busy! and then my account got hacked, so hopefully this will work. 

anyways. the post. i have been taking my photo of the day, regardless. so here is last tuesday's. something i say every day. my mom and i both have this necklace, and when i wear it, i feel warm and fuzzy and happy. it reminds me that whatever goes wrong during the day, i'll always have that bond. sappy thought of the day! who knew you were getting that in addition to the photo of the day! 

and i'm very proud of the way this one came out. hello, new computer background!