day 53: bottoms up!

today i thought of an ingenious (at least i think so) photo project idea!!!!!!!!

BOTTOMS UP. or, i was thinking, AT THE BOTTOM, LOOKING UP. but bottoms up is prolly easier to remember. the idea is, take pictures from low angles or looking up at the bottom of things. so often these things i think get overlooked, but as someone who notices more than perhaps i'm supposed to, i notice little edges and things often, i think. and then when i was thinking of things i could capture, it was like an endless wealth over here! so be prepared to be bored more with this whole idea. after i've exhausted all the things i can "picture" (haha, yeah, i know), i have something else in my mind's eye. so get ready, and stay tuned! because i'm WICKED excited!!! woohoo!

the idea started when i saw these three skirts hanging in a row. they looked kind of neat to me, so, although it's not the most "awesome" picture, i'm posting this one, because it started it all....

and, because i had so much fun playing crouching tiger, hidden dragon (or however it goes), here's two more shots. humorous, and because dad sat and let me take his sole-ful picture.