Spring Has Sprung, In Which I Call My Favorite Groundhog Wrong This Time Around (All In Good Fun)

this is what happens when you step in the wrong spot in your wilderness walk
They say if you don't  like the weather here, wait a minute. After living here my whole life (yes, I'm boring like that), I believe it. I've seen the weather change drastically.

Though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2, predicting six more weeks of winter (which incidentally would end today, if my calculations are right, since I am terrible at math), we have been having some beautiful weather the last few weeks! So, unfortunately, though I love the little fellow, I think he was a little off this winter. Yes, we had a freak snowstorm, and probably once I publish this the sky will start powdering the ground with white stuff, but I think spring is actually here. I mean, it smelt like spring the other day, and that in itself should be reason enough :)

So although the calendar says that spring doesn't officially arrive until Tuesday, March 20, I think the trees are thinking otherwise.

That last statement didn't make quite a lot of sense, so I'm going to stop writing and show you some pictures, which is obviously why you came here. So I hope you enjoy them!

This first one was way overexposed when I took it, so I decided to see what I could tweak it with.

this picture, i'm not gonna lie, kind of creeps me out for some reason

My favorite, I think. It reminds me of those cherry blossom branch pictures.
there's a story behind this.

there was a woodpecker way up high in this tree