day 46: this bridge reminds me of home

because every time i see it, just around the bend on the highway, i know that my journey is almost finished and i'm almost home.

so last friday started with a trip to the emergency room. i was going to make that my photo of the day, but after i looked at the picture again, i decided that maybe i would just show you a tame picture of a bridge. i fell down two steps. that is why i don't usually attempt to wear heels. because bad things happen to good people. the sad part is, they weren't even the dangerous stiletto heels that i envy my friends for wearing. no, they were just a pair of red, two inch slingbacks on their maiden voyage. yeah. now i shiver when i look at them. you would too.

so bridges. nice, bridges. i know bridges scare some people (like the girl i went to driver's ed with, she closed her eyes when she drove over bridges, needless to say, i thought i would never live through that car ride).