failure. it stares me in the face, as it has many times before now.

i've been dreading writing this post, as i should. to write it makes it true. it sets it in stone, and tells me that i have actually failed.

i lost the photo challenge. monday. to be exact. it came from feeling pretty crappy and then getting home late from work. i remember telling myself that i needed to take a picture, and then forgetting the thing i had memoed. yes. the photo a day ended.

so i have told myself that i will take a break, compose a list, and get back to you at a later date. in reviewing the failure, i realized a major flaw in the photo a day project. the lack of structure, and sometimes, (even!) posting shoddy photos just for the sake of having a photo of the day. that's what a busy life will do for you. so, although i would like to stick my proverbial tail between my legs, not admit failure, and "fake" the photo of the day, that's not who i'm trying to be. i will come back, and the next project will (hopefully) be much better.

i leave you with one more photo....one of my last potd....