Wow....I haven't posted in two and a half months???? Where??? What???

So summer has been busy, is the only viable excuse I can give you for my lengthy absence. I'm not going to make any grandiose promises about posting more often because we all know I've done those before. I can, however, say that, despite the blogging absence, have been taking photos. If you follow me on Instagram, you're already quite aware of this. In my defense for posting WAY too frequently on that social platform, it's photos. This girl can't resist photos. 

Okay. So since I have a plethora (points for grammar, please) of photos since I posted last, I'm going to be fair and go back to the beginning (snore). I'm not going to play favorites although I really really REEEEAALLLYY want to. Just stay tuned and know that there's something good to come when I post (at least, I think it's good. You might not, but hey, we don't all like the same things).

Here's the first. I had baby birdies in the bushes right in front of my window! Squeee!!! Can we all just agree that baby anythings are just adorable? I'm sure even the guys reading this post will agree with me on this well-known fact.