Keys. They're pretty great. I mean, if you didn't have your house keys, you'd be locked out of home sweet home. If you didn't have your car keys, you wouldn't be able to get to wherever you need to go. And if you didn't have the key to your heart, you'd never be able to give it away to that special someone.

Recently I've been getting into more crafts. I've always been into them, just ask my six year old, glue-covered handed self. The one who littered the kitchen table with orange and brown construction paper bits the time she made a tree picture (I never found out where that got to, but that was one of my first creations I was really proud of). So I've decided that in addition to posting photography on the blog, I'll let you glimpse into a little more of this girl's life, starting with the biggest trend right now: do it yourself projects. Sure, I'm a little late in letting the worldwide web know about it, but I've been adding to my Pinterest board for quite a while on this subject. So, after pinning and pinning and reorganizing those pins painstakingly, but loving every minute of it, I'm going back through and trying out all those ideas! Some work, some don't. One of today's projects is the glitter key. As much as I hate those girls who must have everything perfectly girly and feminine, I do have a secret love of the sparkly stuff. So, today, I unhooked all the keys from my key ring and girl-ified them. I decided to go the lazy way and just do glittery nail polish. Probably won't stay on there very long, but I'll try it for the time being.

Here's the photos, because what would be a Seven C's blog post without some photographic evidence?


Some Things Never Get Old

   This weekend we had visitors. Visitors from across the pond. And from across the pond I mean Paris. Not Paris, Maine. Paris, Paris. The city of love. One of my favorite places. I mean, you practically breathe art and romanticism when you set foot out of CDG airport. So that being said, we must make a good impression by showing them the beautifulness of where we live. We took them to:

  • Portland Head Light (of course)
  • Spring Point
  • Flatbread (because there is SO much beauty in food!) 
  • Old Port
   They (I think/hope) liked it. I mean, nothing compares to the Eiffel Tower, but I would say that the rocky coast and the smell of good, clean salt air in your lungs comes pretty close. At least, it brings a smile to my face.

   Where's your favorite place? Is it a popular landmark, a restaurant, or someplace close to home?