Pink Splash

ahh, the irony. the frost got these last week.


Reflections on a Window Scene

in a few weeks this reflection will be all orange leaves....maybe i'll post a pic then :)



September's crispness is amazing. The cold air and the clear skies...it just makes me happy.

But that means these tomatoes time is ticking. Have a great day!



Good morning!

Thought I would post a pic from my Europe trip today. This one is from in front of a carousel  my brother's future mother-in-law and I walked by while we were walking around the streets of Paris the day we arrived.


Pop in here

Paris, March 2011
I like random doorways :)


Moulin Rouge. Although, this was brown

You know that Friendly Fires song "Paris?" Great song. Today I'm listening to it and I thought, hey, it'd be nice to post a new Paris picture. Enjoy!
"So go and pack your bags
For the long haul
We're gonna lose ourselves
I promise"

Have a great rainy day! (at least here)



Life's a whirlwind...
Can you believe it's September already?? Crazy. But the good thing about September is it's full of new beginnings and fresh starts, at least for me.
Have a great day! And remember to always stop and notice the little things :)