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funky monkey tree

Two Lights State Park
Cape Elizabeth, ME


the veranda

3/20/2011..rooftop in Paris


soccer balls

so about four months ago i got into a car accident. yeah, i got to experience the whole "i hope nobody i know drives by" feelings as i was strapped onto one of those boards and loaded into the ambulance. anyhow, it's been almost four months and still my friends, who call me the "soccer queen" have banned me from playing for the summer, even though soccer rushes through my bloodstream when i think about the smell of the dirt and grass, the sound of my foot hitting the ball, and the sheer jubilance that comes with that "perfect goal". yeah, I'll miss it this summer more than anything, but watch out world, next year, you're going to be amazed.

oh, ps..if you're wondering what the wild ride the ball experienced, that was when it was launched out of my altima's trunk when the truck hit me...into a field. thankfully the EMT's saw it and rescued it. and yeah, i do carry it in my trunk :)

the louvre

view of the Louvre


portland head

Portland Head Light
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

inspired by a true song

baby, you're a firework!



I don't know why, but out of the hundreds of pictures I took in Europe, this is one of my favorites. Hope you like it.


i thought today i'd give you all a brightly colored picture, because frankly, if we have one more gray day, i might go crazy...oh, wait, nevermind. i already AM crazy :)


it's all in the eyes

The first semi-sunny day we've had in a while, so we've got the windows open, and our cat LOVES sitting in the open windows.

yellow daff

People (and studies) say that yellow has a positive effect on your mood and can make you feel energetic and peppy! So here's a yellow daf to brighten your day :)


it's the little things

sometimes...it's the little things that count..

roses in the sand

Looks like another rainy day today...

York Beach, 7/2008
When my oldest brother was dating his  wife, one Sunday we walked along Long Sands all afternoon. About halfway through the walk, we all noticed someone had strewn a bouquet of roses along the sand....we all made up a story about how they actually got there...what do you think? 


red umbrella-ella-ella

Okay, I know everyone is probably sick of six straight days of rain, but....shhh....I think I saw the sun trying to peek through the clouds today....maybe....anyways, here's a rainy day picture for the day today. Have a great rest of the afternoon!




batman's adventures..everywhere..

Batman's adventures...everywhere..

Okay, so last summer I got this Batman (the most awesome superhero ever, by the way) and Joker, and ever since then I take pictures of one or both of them in various places or doing different things. So today I thought I would show you that anyone can be a photographer, no matter what they do for a living. I took this picture in Paris one day when we were inside for the morning this past March. I guess that the moral of this story is, if you've got a camera, take some shots, you never know how great they'll turn out! Although, come to think of it, Batman never DID show me the photos of the Joker he took. Hmmm...



My dad gave me this doll when I was really little, and, surprisingly enough, it survived my childhood intact. He got it in the 70's when he was in the Navy in Taiwan.


scooters and mt. katahdin

I really like highlighting one color, especially if it's red :)

There is an amazing viewpoint right off the highway in northern Maine. The sunset was amazing. I read that the Penobscot Indians named Katahdin, and it means "the greatest mountain."

super moon

photo of the day....

the night I saw the Eiffel Tower (the one thing I really really really wanted to see in France), there was a full moon...and it was gorgeous.



my dad loves this picture, so this is for you :)

lilac-in it

It's spring! The lilacs will be in bloom soon, but I think that the just-sprouted leaves of their bushes come pretty close to being as pretty as the actual flowers. Just think- in about two more weeks, these will be covered in beautiful purple flowers.