this definitely wasn't the MOST impressive waterfall on our trip (stay tuned for that one!!) but i have to say, this natural beauty sure was worth the dangerous u-turn it took to turn around (don't tell my mother) and take it. it was even worth ruining an umbrella from the wind and rain.

this was taken in the white mountains, i believe the sign said Crawford's Notch....but don't quote me on that :)


En Route

earlier this month, my best friend and i took a road trip to Toronto. i'd never really been to Canada before (except for that time i had a layover there on my way to France in 2011), even though i've lived in a state that is bordered by more of Canada than the United States. funny how things like that happen.

it was a quick trip, but so worth it. so over the next few posts i'll be sharing some of my quick photos from the trip. i definitely want to go back some day! the people were so friendly and the streets were so clean you could probably eat off of them (don't worry, i didn't).

here is a shot from Maine to start off:

as you can see, it was pretty foggy out for the day of travel. we had some torrential downpours and had to pull off the highway at one point, but i absolutely love this shot! i even like it in color: