En Route

earlier this month, my best friend and i took a road trip to Toronto. i'd never really been to Canada before (except for that time i had a layover there on my way to France in 2011), even though i've lived in a state that is bordered by more of Canada than the United States. funny how things like that happen.

it was a quick trip, but so worth it. so over the next few posts i'll be sharing some of my quick photos from the trip. i definitely want to go back some day! the people were so friendly and the streets were so clean you could probably eat off of them (don't worry, i didn't).

here is a shot from Maine to start off:

as you can see, it was pretty foggy out for the day of travel. we had some torrential downpours and had to pull off the highway at one point, but i absolutely love this shot! i even like it in color:

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