what's next?

like i've mentioned before (probably) i think a lot. sometimes, a little too much. the over-analyzing, worry, thinking, not the 'hello, my name is Eisenstein' thinking kind of thinking.

not sure what i'm going to do next with a photo project. i know i've got to do something. or else i'll drive my creative atoms in another direction.

so, for now....

and, who knows? maybe i don't need the pressure of a photo project. maybe i could get by with creativity and my occasional posting, like i used to. the creative side of me might resurface, then. it hasn't yet, although i did get a compliment today, per my boss. yes. more useless ramblings that are somehow finding their way into my post tonight. after all, it is almost eleven and i worked all day and it's saturday. so i feel like maybe, just maybe, i have a right to ramble on here.