day 45: Guinness

in an effort to prepare me for Ireland (27 days! ahh!), when my good brother Jack was up last weekend for a visit, he went to the grocery store and bought four Guinnesses (i don't really know how to pluralize it, but that's going to have to do) because, "you need to get used to them, Audrey." <--to quote him.

what's there to get used to?? when i tell people that i tried Guinness they raise their eyebrows quizzically and say something along the line of, "well, did you like it?" and when i enthusiastically reply, "it's amazing! so yummy!" they crazily look at me and maybe shake their head. yes. i've discovered i definitely have a "thing" for dark beers. friday night i even traded my IPA with my brother Bill's porter. then i think i even dreamed of it that night. yes, i am a little obsessive. could be good, could be bad.*

*this post may or may not be slightly more than exaggerated.