a mirror image of yourself

i read someone's blog post the other day about how they did a 365 project where they took a picture of themselves every day for a year. I thought that was a pretty interesting idea. I'm not going to bore you all with a 365 project like that (although I thought it would be really cool; watch my blog hits go down to negative numbers), but i did like her idea of mirror image photography. sure, i think everyone has rolled their eyes at those profile pictures people have of themselves vainly smiling or striking a pose in front of a mirror, holding (usually) their cell phone at arm's length (and, although you have rolled your eyes, you have probably at one time or another taken a similar picture of yourself). so i decided to strike a pose and try out mirror image photography, as i like to call it. enjoy the shot. or, be repulsed by my face. but remember, CHOOSE WISELY.

until next time, have a good day!