unexpected wonders

Yesterday I decided to take the morning off and sleep in. I was excited, since this meant staying in my jammies all morning and editing some engagement pictures I had taken the day before for two of my friends. Sounds like a great morning.

At 8:23, my mom came into my bedroom. Here's the conversation:

Mom: "Audrey, sorry to wake you up."

Me: GRUNT. (I hate waking up in the morning)

Mom: (continues unfazed) "Did you make a design in the driveway?"

Me: "What????"

Now I was awake. I didn't really understand what she was saying....what was I supposed to answer with? Yes, Ma, I was in the driveway at midnight making "designs", because that's what I do? Because I don't. I think I answered no, and looked at her like she was crazy.

Mom: "Well, someone drew two hearts in the driveway, and there's not any footprints or anything near them!"

NOW my curiosity was peaked. I sprang up out of bed, pulled on some jeans and grabbed my camera.

Turns out, someone just turned around in the driveway. But look at the results! They are pretty amazing!