day 59: the day i stayed at home

Thursday I was banned to not doing anything because of this foot "issue" I have going on. So I stayed in my jammies (which was quite lovely), drank tea, made myself this AMAZING grilled cheese and salami sandwich, and got pretty addicted to this Android game I found on the market since I was bored. "Garfield Food Invaders" I think it is called. Try it. You'll be addicted too. I even got my mom to play (just like she plays my drawsomething every once in awhile. also a fantastic game). So I took a pic of this gum I picked up at the store a few days before. How ridiculously cool is it that they make six packs of orbit now? I don't know about you, but this girl always forgets about her gum in the summer and it gets forced into a congealed mass of wintermint.