day 62: crutches

Friday the doctor told me I've got to use crutches for the next month. Big bummer over this way for a bunch of reasons I won't go into on this photo blog. So anywho. My brother once had to get knee surgery so we have a pair of stainless steel normal looking crutches. The problem with this is that this girl took the short gene of the family (I mean, my brothers are all on the tall side, I got the 5'4 gene apparently. Which I am okay with), so the crutches are way too tall for me. I adjusted them all the way to short and they were still too tall, but I used them for a day at work anyway and wanted to chop my pits off the next day my arms were so sore. So I reverted to using the other crutches Mom had stored away in the attic (what other treasures lay up there I have no idea. Remember? I'm on crutches now) which are wooden and so nineties (I really don't care, I mean, c'mon. Isn't vintage supposed to be back??). These go all the way down to short level and are perfect size! The only problem is, with the old factor, the comfy (if you can indeed call any part of crutches comfy) part of them was a sick yellow. So...hello, to today's post. REVAMPED! Audrey style! I mean, if you've got to use crutches for a month you might as well go in style!!

All the kids are gonna be jealous of this girl's style. Who else has a pair of sick hot pink zebra stripe (kudos to Mom who wheeled me around Wal*Mart today, which was a sight in itself, and helped me decide between the plain zebra stripe, and the HOT PINK zebra stripe duct tape) crutches??