day 70: keychain

i collect keychains. i also have a passion for breaking them. just ask the two eiffel towers, the dutch wooden shoe, etc. it happens. to me. especially. But one keychain i've had for a few years now, and hasn't broken, is this one. also, interesting fact, it's the only actual bling on my keyring. it truly has stood the test of time.

the story behind it is a small one. you know that big nineties fad with having everything with your name on it? well, i grew up always wanting one. every store i went in that had one of the displays i would rush over to, scan the a's, and inevitably end with andrea and autumn. there were never any audrey's in the bunch. so my field trips to the gift shop usually ended up in disappointment. until the day my mom and i went on a road trip. my mom is seriously like the funnest person to take a roadtrip with. she is awesome! anyway, on the way back home we stopped at the mall for a little shopping spree. we ended up in a gift shop, and guess what? my mom bought me this little trinket. made my day. maybe even my year. it's the little things..