Correct Me If I'm Wrong..

So I was going through some pictures today to put on Etsy (that's right, I sell on Etsy. So sue me. Ok, please don't. Because the whole reason I sell there, and I haven't ever actually sold anything, is to break some extra cash for my upcoming trip to Ireland!), and I decided that I've never put this picture up on the blog. And I really like it. So, I asked myself, why haven't I put it up? And I couldn't actually come up with a logical answer. So today I'm going to put it up here (I've used the word "so" a lot in this post. Please don't hold it against me. I couldn't think of a better word today). I also was reading in a book yesterday about footnotes, and how useful they are. I guess I apply the same advice to my parentheses, which I had to look up the word for, because I am having one of those "mental block" days, and couldn't think of the name for them. There's a great chart on this website if you're ever having a similar mental block, like I just did: http://visual.merriam-webster.com/communications/communications/punctuation-marks.php.

Anyhow. Here is today's picture. I'm going to try to post more often, because I used to post every day, and right under my blog title, it says, "a photo a day keeps the boredom away," and I haven't actually lived up to that, since I posted exactly eight, fifteen, and ten posts in February, January, and December (in that order, and I just used the parentheses because I could, and wanted another excuse for them).

So here's number nine:

And, since it's Leap Day, I'm posting this little fellow: