..and now, my feet are a bit wet

I've been thinking about this shoot for about a week or so. Today, I decided, was the perfect day for it. I unscrewed my lens cap, flipped the switch to on, and thumped into...the bathroom. That's right, you heard me, it was the perfect day for a bathroom shoot. I got to stay in my jammies and everything! 

This one was a little difficult. I realized, standing in the tub, that the floor was still a little wet from the last shower. And I was still wearing my fuzzy socks (if you haven't heard about my fuzzy socks, we obviously have not had a very long conversation, since they are one of my true loves in the winter months). So they got a bit damp. As I said, this shoot was a little bit difficult. I am a shorter person, so capturing the shot below involved standing on the tub's edge, which is about three inches wide, and even then, I found myself thinking, if I were only two or three inches taller. So I precariously stood on the edge on tippytoe. Which is not really a good idea for this girl. Because I fall and run into things often. So I was picturing a trip to the emergency room. 

But, thankfully, I escaped unharmed and present to you, the audience, my bathroom adventures for today. Thanks for stopping by.