Photo a Day?

Recently I've been hearing all about these photo-a-day projects folks have going. And I've been thinking, "someday, I want to do one of those." Today, I decided, I really actually want to start a daily photo journal. Because, I really wanted to do one in May, and I found a great list, but it was someone else's, and it just didn't seem to be me. Does that make any sense? I think so.

So I started to do all kinds of research on people's past photo a day projects. There are a lot out there! And many of them said, they are challenging, which was why I was apprehensive about starting my own, but, they also said, doing one of these projects will teach you a lot more about yourself and what's important to you, and completing a project like this will definitely improve your photography skill. So, although it's April 17, and it's going to be a challenge, I'm going to do it. It's going to be challenging, who knows if I'll follow through, and I don't know what I'm going to take pictures of. But a challenge is a challenge. The definition itself is a challenge of one's abilities. So....here goes. Day 1!

...and the reason I actually finally decided to start. An article talked about documenting color, and I had just grabbed a banana for a snack, then looked down and realized that the shirt I am wearing is yellow. I've posted about yellow before and its contribution to my overall happiness, but this was funny to me. So, I pulled out the rebel, tried a few mirrors, a few shots, a few poses, and ended up with this final project:

What do you think? I want to do a poll of what you think of me starting a photo a day project. Will I follow through, or get into my normal distracted self? What kinds of subjects should I shoot? I'm open to your suggestions :)