My Next Adventure

okay, so yesterday i posted the covered bridge adventure; today i'm really excited to post the other part of my escapade (btw, that word is awesomely amazing). I decided to either go to bug light or fort williams. I have a really hard time making decisions, so, after asking the audience, i went to bug light, whiiiich i thought i had been to before (and had even raved about it to tourists about how cool it was) but, upon arriving there, realized that I've never actually been to bug light. So here are some pics from the day that I liked..and i hope you like them, too.
yes, it is ACTUALLY the real Bug Light i went to this time. Now i really can rave about it.
the day was so nice and sunny and generally perfect there were all kinds of boats out. and a LOT of sailboats. which are super cool.
 have a great day!