day 23: my desk (part one)

oh, dear, i almost forgot to take a picture today! that. would. not. have. been good.

but, haha, you still have to suffer through my mediocre photo a day challenge, until the day i actually do forget to take a picture.

i'm saying part one for today's post just because i have two desks; my computer desk, the desk i finished my high school and middle school papers on, and the desk i do most of my etsy crafts and shove papers into the many drawers of (it's a secretary desk).

what i learned from this shot:

i don't always like the color pop, surprisingly. i tried editing this one so that the only color was, you guessed it, the vibrant red of the coke bottle. then, i decided i liked the funky colored one instead. i adjusted the exposure a tad from the original overexposed pic and wound up with this:

i also guess i need to dust that filthy screen more often :(